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Our Collective Experience: asdf"Threads Of Change" began in 2014 to support and inspire each member's unique creative fiber art endeavors. This fiber art collective is dedicated to educating viewers to the multitude of new methods and techniques available using fabric and other materials that comprise contemporary fiber art today.
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Linda V. Hubbard, Fiber Artist
Contemporary Fiber Artworks



dimensional      Fiber Art, is it Craft or Art?    

        Fiber Art is my means of expression. Implementation of what is in the mind's eye requires constant adjustment and innovation. My work has progressed over time from more traditional and "functional" quilted pieces to "contemporary" fiber artworks that experiment with original design concepts, mixed-media and construction techniques, surface treatments and embellishments. 

           During my years working with fiber as an art medium I have found that the continuing controversy ofwork "is it Craft or Art" still exists where some critics think of Fiber Art as simply "Quilts" and that they should stay on the bed and not on the wall and don't warrant serious consideration. I am hoping that the more people learn about the many facets of Fiber Art the more they will be able to understand and appreciate it as a medium of expression just like any other Artist's tool. Threads Of Change provides an opportunity to help art lovers discover and learn more about contemporary Fiber Art.

           My Art

           A lifelong interest in textiles has developed over time into a focus on the quilt process as a means to artistic expression. I started out studying music in Europe then returned to the US and worked toward a degree in Art. I'd taken weaving in college and often made my own clothes but that was the extent of my working with textiles. Some years later, a casual experiment to make a "quilt" as a gift was my introduction to the lure of working with the quilting process. Having never made a quilt before and not knowing the "rules" I found myself challenged to bring my design vision into reality. This experiment left me "hooked" and there clebegan my journey into the Fiber Art World. Now, branching out from traditional pieced quilts and utilitarian items to more expressive fiber artworks, I am constantly experimenting with new methods, processes, and techniques in the fiber arts arena to achieve my vision and as a result have learned that in Contemporary Fiber Art there are no rules. Threads Of Change exemplifies the many aspects of Fiber Art as an ongoing and constantly changing artistic medium.


     Dimension and Innovation have become hallmarks of my work where I use construction aspects of fabric piecing, itself, as key design elements. Seeing an article about a "Simplified Bow Tie" block in a quilting magazine introduced me to dimensional quilting. I found I could go beyond the traditional quilt process of flat, pieced, fabric layers stitched together and use fabric insertion, manipulation and dimension to achieve unusual effects in my original contemporary, abstract and graphic style fiber art pieces. I am driven by a desire to create artwork that is not like anyone else's using or combining traditional techniques with unusual methods or experimenting with novel techniques and media with fiber. Some of the other techniques, methods and processes that I work with besides Dimensional Quilting are Applique, Discharge dyeing, Rusting, Thread Sketching and Thread Painting, Collage, Landscape, Portraiture, Representative and Three D.

     I have participated in Bay Area Arts and Crafts Fairs off and on over the years and, after settling in Benicia, have had membership in several arts groups such as Arts Benicia, Fairfield Visual Arts (FVAA) and now Threads Of Change.



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The Delicate Arch


Tit-ka and Friends

First to Greet the Dawn

Kathy Manifold


     I was attracted to fiber, fabric and color as a little girl.  Both of my grandmother's worked in fabric art. When I was sixteen I was given a quilt made by my great grandmother which I used on my cot at summer camp. One of the campers cut the center block out of the quilt and took it home to remember me by. I had to learn to quilt to repair my grandmother's quilt! 

     My background is in performing arts. My master's degree is in Theater Arts and the Psychology of Communications.  I acted, directed, danced, sang, designed sets and costumes for productions in Universities and Summer Stock  companies in the 1960's and 1970's.  I was a faculty member of the State University of New York teaching various courses including costume design.  After moving to California, I switched careers and worked in a large State Hospital initially using mime, psychology and theater skills to help people communicate.  It is a joy in retirement to have time to pursue art again.

     In my current work, I aspire to bring the depth of emotion and perspective, which was vital in designing for theater, to my work in fabric.  I love working with multiple textures, layers, and symbols to achieve this goal.  I do fabric and thread paintings, art and traditional quilts, wall art, table runners and home accessories.  Many of my small quilts are designed to illustrate the poems that my mother or I have written.  I enjoy working on consignment with people to create art that captures their own personal uniqueness.  

     Being invited to be a member of Threads of Change has been exciting and has opened my horizons to new  techniques and possibilities.   We each challenge each other and help  each other to find our own special voice in this ever changing art form.  

 Please contact me at : (707) 337-9085

Winter Moon Rise
Purple Mountains Majesty



Oh Maybe I Can Fly





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